Because of our vast variety of unique cast characters, some of us cannot help but to re-imagine them in Alternate Universes. This article lists them.

High SchoolEdit

Author: Pictor.

Standard high school AU.

Middle AgesEdit

Author: martia.

A medieval AU with a genderbent cast.

  • Sir Sol — a young knight who fights blights. Even though he has the face of a child, he is actually 16.
  • "M" — a maiden who has lost her memory. She has more modern day common sense then any of the cast seen so far. Sol names her "Elm".
  • Lord Geminesca — a very vulgar man. He comes from a noble family of royal alchemists.
  • Lady Redmist — a reclusive witch. Seems to get pushed around by Lord Geminesca a lot.
  • Jacket — a questionable maiden with monstrous strength?

Futuristic DystopiaEdit

Contributors: Pictor, martia, Pasonia, AYC.

Tentatively titled "StraysCops". A really extensive world which should probably get it's own article(s) when we have the time.

Grail WarEdit

Contributors: Pictor and martia.

Blatant self-amusement fanfic based on the Fate/Series. There is a twist: the crossers are the Noble Spirits (Servants) and the strays (with the exception of Hailey) are the Magi (Masters).

An in-progress list of characters can be found here.

Magical GirlsEdit

Contributors: Pictor and martia.

... ...self-explanatory.

Magical girls (and boy) and their respective monster animal guides.

  • Enomena Garnet (Lanette) — Harpy (Hailey)
  • Enomena Quartz (Mirto) — Engineer Rat (Redmist)
  • Enomena Gold (Sophia) — Cù Sìth (Cassius)
  • Enomena Amethyst (Graciel)
  • Enomena Ruby (Sanae)
  • Enomena Jade (Lilia) and Enomena Lapis (Leuel) — Sirens (Tethys and Noa)

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