Class Panzer, NPC
Occupation Inventor
Rank n/a
Gender Male
Animal Grey Wolf
Age 28
Weapon Fists
Robot Army(?!)
Player AYC

Benzene is a rogue panzer inventor. His eccentricity does little to hide his lack of useful genius and instead emphasizes his self-centered motives.

Most of his fellow Panzers would prefer that one of his inventions blow up in his face and kill him permanently for once. Unfortunately though, it appears that that is just too much to ask for, as Benzene is built with amazing stamina and enough charisma (or just enough common sense) to prevent his legions of robots from committing mutiny against him.

Personality and AppearanceEdit

Ridiculously egotistical, almost to an insane extent. He is a bit battle crazy and not quite so right in the head (at least, his fellow Panzers would like to think so); in fact, he takes great pride in his battle scars. Aggressive and idiotically fearless, he loves fighting and blowing things up. Surprisingly though, he can be tame when he wants, though he is still awfully selfish.

He has black hair and blue-turquoise eyes. Benzene also loves to flaunt the series of scars surrounding his left eye like there's no tomorrow.


His inventions include a variety of robots of both small and giant sizes, heavy weaponry and highly flammable artificial sweeteners. Many of said robots know better than to mess with their master, though nearly all of them lament the fact that Benzene has programmed a very powerful AI into them that allows them to possess very real human emotions. It's like the only moment of genius he's ever had the luck to have... just utilized in the wrong way.


Alkane provides him with the materials he uses for his inventions through Cyanate who acts like a delivery boy between the two. He does not get along well with Cyanate at all, but he actually loathes Alkane with a burning fire of hatred (despite being able to remain relatively civil in her presence). It is unknown why, but honestly, who'd want to know?


Benzene's unfortunate parents were killed in a robot mutiny when his inventions were pushed over their boiling (or melting) point and quickly turned their frustrations and personal dismay onto the Panzers that had brought their master into the world.

It is after this incident that the Panzers ultimately decided it might be a good idea to lock him up in his own warehouse research facility far, far away from them. Because, you know, wouldn't want them robots to come after them next.

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