Lilia Auen
Lilia by martia
Class Crosser
Occupation Business Administrator
Gender Female
Age 23
Lawful Good
Ether Colour Viridian
Ability Spatial Modification
Linked Stray
Player martia

Lilia Auen is a fresh university graduate who had just arrived in Pebbleton to start work at Materion Towers. She is a crosser.

Personality and AppearanceEdit

Coming from a middle-eastern immigrant family, Lilia's face sport some exotic features. She has a well-defined chin and deep-set eyes with heavy eyelids. Her face is framed by her wavy dark chestnut-coloured back-length hair. She is taller than an average woman. In her work attire, she wears contact lenses and dresses in formal tops and slacks; when chilling, she wears glasses and puts on sort-of girly shirts and jeans.

Personality-wise, Lilia feels like a big sister (no, not the Bioshock kind). She is patient and tolerant of the people around her. Although friendly with others, Lilia would rather keep to herself and not attract attention. She tries to be as neutral, uncommitted and uninvolved with others as possible. That is because she is content with her life has no desire for any adventure or for her everyday to take dramatic change. She, however, has a tendency to give in to her conscience and end up helping others after all.


Lilia's abilities are similar to that of a magus' Territory Creation (Type-Moon) combined with photoshop filters. On her own, Lilia's filters only affect her own body; bonded with a stray, she is able to apply her filters to another person or a limited area around her (sometimes a created boundary field) for a limited period of time.

Having discovered her supernatural abilities since young, Lilia is rather apt at using Enomena.

Main article: Lilia's Movelist.


Lilia is not a stranger to matters of the ethereal world. She becamed linked with her first stray when she was in elementary school, who found her peace and moved on to the next world.

She was linked with her second stray some time between her middle school to university. It is unknown what became of it, but she is unlinked as of now.


Rivai AuenEdit

Lilia's older brother, who is a normal human. They share a close sibling relationship.

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