Nicholas Freed
Class Crosser
Occupation Freelance writer
Gender Male
Age 19
Ether Colour Dark Green
Ability Cancel Sight
Linked Stray
Player Gregoria

Nicholas Freed is a crosser who is bonded with his wife, Sera Freed.

Personality and AppearanceEdit

Nicholas possesses a jocular personality, but has a bad control over his own temper. He gets emotional easily and therefore, becomes impulsive. When it comes to pursuing anything he believes might to related to his wife's death, Nicholas will go all way out. He hopes to find out the truth about her death and to avenge her.

He has a penchant for stamp collecting.

Pale skinned with black, wavy long hair and a gaunt face, Nicholas looks much like a vampire. He usually wears black cloak along with white long pants. He hardly ever wears a shirt.


To sum up what Nicholas can do, one can say that he causes "darkness". He is able to lower or even cancel the ether senses of those around him, making them perform less effectively than they usually do. This power is especially useful against blights, which he will weaken considerably before letting his wife deal the finishing blow.


Nicholas and Sera have known each other since his third year of middle school at Pebbleton Public School. They were good friends first, and later, a couple. A year ago, Nicholas decided to propose, having had his article published in a magazine for the first time. He excused himself to bring her a bouquet of roses. He returned expecting to surprise her, but instead saw his girlfriend lying on the cold ground, lifeless.

After a few months of mourning, Nicholas began to see things. He thought he was being delusional. Even so, what he saw one day made him believe in his delusions. Sera, just like she was on the day he was going to propose, in front of him. Even though she had no recollection of her life, Nicholas patiently woo-ed her over again, and she, fell in love with him again. They then got married and formed a bond later, on the same day. It was then that he renamed her Seraphina.



Clearly, Nicholas loves Seraphina. Happy to be with her again, he does everything in his capacity to spend time with her.

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