Noco Sue-Berry
Class Panzer, NPC
Occupation Receptionist
Gate Sentry
Rank Major
Gender Female
Animal English Shepherd (Dog)
Age 32
Mrs Berry
Weapon Colt Dragoon Revolver
Creator martia

Good day! Welcome to Materion Towers! May I know what you're here for? How can I help?

—Noco Berry

Noco Sue-Berry, or mostly known as Mrs. Berry, is a receptionist who works at Materion Towers.

But that is just a cover. She is actually a panzer, whose other job is, a sentry responsible for the gate to Panzer Head-Quarters. She is married to Palmarr Berry.

Trivia: Her name is derived from the two dogs associated with Shinonome Hangetsu in the manga Lucifer and Biscuit Hammer, pet dog Noko and Dog Knight Ludo Shubarie.

Personality and AppearanceEdit

Noco rough by martia

Mrs. Berry during her tea-break at work.

In spite of her age, Noco is still for the most part, surprisingly girl-ish. She has a habit of buying cutesy items that just catch her attention on impulse. She is very friendly, chatty and well-liked by her colleagues (both human and panzer), exactly like how someone in the service line should be. When annoyed with them, she tends to indirectly insult people, although she would quickly wave it away as a joke moments later. However, she does not bother disguising her insults when dealing with people she is closer to, or those she does not see as important.

Noco sports a shaggy short-bobbed hairstyle. Her droopy dog ears are present even in her human form, but blend in perfectly with her hair. She even wears a fake-dog-ears hair band bought from the mall on her head, which, according to some men, is rather charming.


Noco's weapon of choice is a Colt Dragoon which she keeps under her skirt. When shooting, she holds it with both hands. She would aim at the thigh of an opponent which will caused them to fall nearly instantly. The bullets are modified, inserted with a muscle relaxant.



Noco is married to Special Operations Officer Colonel Palmarr Berry. They have a 5-year-old daughter.


Ever since Noco and Hailey were assigned to the same tent one elementary school excursion, the two have been unable to get rid of each other's company. Every once in a while, the two women would meet each other to talk about their lives. Grande Hall is their popular hangout, which means that one or two of them will end up drunk after their meetings.

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