This a list of the panzer children of which Oriole and Cassius were a part of twelve years ago.


Class Panzer
Gender Female
Animal Pygmy Owl
Age 11 (twelve years ago)
Creator SavviG & Johker

Emily is the oldest of the children. She is a cheerful girl who is often the voice of logic and wisdom. She is relatively small in stature due to her animal half. She also makes an appearance in Graciel's backstory as his class representative. Her father works as an engineer in the Panzer Head-Quarters.


Class Panzer
Gender Male
Animal Chinchilla
Age 10 (twelve years ago)
Creator Johker & martia

Jareth is an enthusiastic boy, more often than not, the group leader when Emily does not feel like upstaging him. He tries his best to be cool and pretend he knows the most amongst all of the children. He has a sort of rivalry with Reina.

Reina BernhardtEdit

Reina Bernhardt
Class Panzer
Gender Female
Animal Scorpion
Age 10 (twelve years ago)
Creator martia & Johker

The tomboy of the group, Reina is the one with the foulest mouth. She is either always getting into fights, engaging in lame competitions with her rival Jareth, or preventing her younger brother Rem from doing anything stupid. Her father is apparently a security officer of sorts for the Panzer HQ.


Main article: Cassius.
Cassius was 8 years old then. He is less outspoken than he is currently, but still as air-headed.


Class Panzer
Gender Female
Animal Capuchin Monkey
Age 7 (twelve years ago)
Creator martia

Kyla is a shy girl who is brought up by her single-father. She is exceptionally frightened of reapers because her mother was hunted by one. Being a monkey, the children rely on her as their ninja to do anything that requires sneaking around. She is close to Emily and clings to her a lot.

Rem BernhardtEdit

Rem Bernhardt
Class Panzer
Gender Male
Animal Indian Elephant
Age 6 (twelve years ago)
Creator martia

The youngest of the group, Rem is hyperactive and appears to lack any sense of danger. Or even common sense, as his sister Reina claims. He is loud and speaks whatever is on his mind, whether appropriate to the situation or not.


Main article: Sophia (Oriole).

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