Fate AU Profile
Spirit Mirto
Alignment Lawful Good
N. Phantasm B
Strength D
Agility B
Mana A
Luck E
Endurance B
Master  ???


Class SkillsEdit

Magic Resistance — A
Saber's worldview is grounded in sense and logic. In her life, did not believe in magic. As a result, she has near-immunity to anything but the strongest of curses and spells.

Riding — D
The ability to ride vehicles and beast mounts. Saber seems to carry over some skill with riding from her life, but she isn't an expert. At this level, basic civilian vehicles such as bicycles can be ridden with above average skill. Others require examination and practice, however, she can still learn much faster than ordinary humans. Cannot handle anything like phantasmal beasts.

Personal SkillsEdit

Charisma — E
The level of charisma for inspirational humans. Saber was a dependable person in life who others looked up to, and felt comfort in being around.

Bravery — B
Saber's mind is calm and focused on the task at hand. It has the ability to negate mental interference such as pressure, confusion and fascination.

Firm Judgement — A
The ability to maintain self awareness, even in the presence of external influences. Negates effects such as mind control, hypnosis, and Charisma of the same rank or lower. Saber is a person who trusts her own judgement above all others, and is not easily swayed by wayward suggestions.

Noble PhantasmsEdit

Sanity's Endurance: The Unassuming CurtainEdit


An aura that cloak's Saber's entire being. When activated, it completely obscures Saber's presence from those who are not expecting her, or do not already know she is there, and continues to persist as long as she does not preemptively bring attention to herself. It is a flawless concealment that operates on a level beyond physical and magical detection, but rather eliminates her very existence as long as conditions meet. In life it seems that Saber believed she was a person who was spectacularly normal and human in every aspect.

Vuoto Pilastro: The Willing RecipientEdit


A massive, bladed shield crystallized from the pure, untainted will to defend those who are dear. Its true power activates when struck into a ground as a ward; conjuring a rift in space-time that absorbs and nullifies all intentions to harm, storing it in a pocket dimension. Vuoto Pilastro operates at maximum power only when used to protect someone other than its wielder, otherwise it is nothing more than a simple shield classed at B rank.

When deployed at full strength, Vuoto Pilastro temporarily gives Saber the skills:

  • Guardian Knight — B+
  • Battle Continuation — B
  • Instinct — C-

Cantare a Spirale: The Eager DelivererEdit


The bladed portion of Saber's shield that appears as a grooved, conical lance. When inert, it functions as nothing more than a C rank phantasmal weapon. However, if successfully used after Vuoto Pilastra, it slices open a separate space-time rift that unleashes all the damage absorbed as an all-out attack.

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