Class Stray
Gender Female
Sera Freed
Ether Colour Rose Red
Power Cyclone
Linked Crosser Nicholas Freed
Player Gregoria

Seraphina, or Sera Freed to her linked crosser and husband Nicholas Freed, is a stray.

Personality and AppearanceEdit

Seraphina is a cheerful and gentle woman. She appears to be rather contented with her life (or I should say, afterlife). She is completely devoted to her husband, and hopes that he will enjoy life too.

She likes roses very much.

She has long red hair, and appears to wear casual street clothes, much like a normal teenage girl.


Seraphina is made of moving air, wind. She is able to make winds blow from different directions. When more force is used, this becomes an attack that will try to twist the opponent's body. When fighting blights alongside her husband, Nicholas will remove their "sight", preventing them from sensing her, and she would then move in to tear them apart.


When alive, Seraphina was known as Sera.

Sera and Nicholas have known each other since her second year of middle school at Pebbleton Public School. They were good friends first, and later, a couple. A year ago, she was killed, just before Nicholas had the chance to make his proposal to her.

After a few months of mourning, Sera appeared to Nicholas as a stray with no recollection of her life. Nicholas patiently woo-ed her over again, and she, fell in love with him again. They formed a bond later, and Nicholas named her Seraphina.



Seraphina was touched by the love that this man, to her, a complete stranger, seems to have for her. She soon grew to love him back, and agreed to marry him. She does not know of her past with him, but just accepts his love.

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