For timeline of the Plot of Lamentable Nights, see Timeline of Lamentable Nights.

This page records what can be said to be, the history or the backstory that takes place before the start of the Lamentable Nights plot.


A century agoEdit

  • Steam train Galactic Cloud disappeared in a freak accident along with all of its passengers on its first commercial journey. Shortly after, a blight, the original Train comes into existence.
  • Gisbert Warren searches for the Galactic Cloud to no avail. He disappeared and never returned home.

Two decades agoEdit

  • Gisbert is "born" as a stray and forms a contract with Heisel Warren.

More than a year agoEdit

16 years agoEdit

  • Heisel and his stray, Diesel defeated the original Train blight.

12 years agoEdit

  • Redmist's younger brother committed suicide at the age of 15.


11 years agoEdit

  • An infant Hyder is fused with Oriole instead of with an animal as per panzer practice.

10 years agoEdit

  • A hijack killed 14 people, Redmist's parents included.
  • Redmist's sister died in a hospital of a sudden illness at the age of 24.
  • Redmist moves to Pebbleton.
  • The ABC Panzers kidnap a Crosser with Blight-controlling Enomena.

4 years agoEdit

  • Martin Chang's parents passed away.
  • Mirto moves into White Waters Condominium to live with her uncle and aunt.
  • Rinilé, accompanied by Graciel attends Panzer Academy as a first-year student.
  • Stray Lazarus comes into existence. She becomes linked to a pair of children within the year.

3 years agoEdit

2 years agoEdit

  • Stray M comes into existence.

Within the last yearEdit


  • Stray Jacket came into existence.


  • Seraphina was killed.
  • Nicholas Freed forms a bond with Seraphina.
  • Hyder released Oriole from their bond. They are still linked, however.

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