Z. Redmist
Redmist temp by martia
Class Crosser
Occupation Information Shop
Gender Male
Age 29
True Neutral
Ether Colour Turquoise
Ability Ether data reading
Player martia

Redmist is one of the two people one can approach for information about the town. He is a crosser.

He can be found at Oceanside Drive Block 44 #12-108, from after sunset to before sunrise.

Personality and AppearanceEdit

He is mostly polite and stoic around other people and clients, speaking an emotionless tone. However, in the absence of people, he will become childish and talk to himself. He detests hot weather, and would become a hikkikomori in his air-conditioned apartment during summer. He likes taking baths: He'd bathe every hour if he could. He probably spends more time in the bathtub than out of it. When speaking or opening his mouth in general, he will cover his mouth with his hand (yea, like a girl).

He is always seen dressed covered from head to toe. With a bandanna and gloves. If he has to get out, it would only be at night. In fact, he is pretty much nocturnal (thus his consultation hours).


Crossers are able to see and manipulate ether. For Redmist, his sight extends to devices as well, enabling him to read the ether data. Meaning that if strays or blights are captured on film, he will be able to see it by inserting his own ether into the photograph/DVD/hard disk/etc.

He has many cameras all over town to act as his many eyes, all connected to his computer, helping him to do his job.


Thousand Eyes
Type: Ethereal/Enomena
Element: n/a
Target(s): n/a
User: Redmist
Activation: Passive
First used: Arc 1

Whenever there is a damage in any of the machines in his network (which is quite a lot), or an irregularity near his dwelling, an alert will be sent directly to his cerebellum. Even when he is asleep.


Quoted from his introductory post:

Ten years ago, a newspaper article about a hijack that killed 14 people was published on the front page of most of the nation's newspapers. On the state's paper, an additional article was written:
Young man (19) loses last of family. Both his father and mother were killed in the hijack 3 weeks ago. Two years prior, his younger brother (then 15) had committed suicide. A week later, his elder sister (24) was admitted into hospital due to a sudden illness and has passed away yesterday.
Redmist rough by martia

Redmist sitting/lying with a terribly bad posture in his office chair.

Naturally, the story of the young man's string of unfortunate incidents which left him alone in this life had drawn much media attention and gained him much public sympathy and condolences. These must have been too much to bear for his young self, for he had moved away since then.
To a small town, in a different state, by the sea. Pebbleton.



Redmist once had a family and a close friend, until about ten years ago, that is.


Even Redmist is only vaguely knowledgeable this panzer's activities at times. However he respects her skills as a fellow information gatherer. Only that he wishes never to be physically near her, since he dislikes the smell of cigarette smoke.

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